Reorient is a new coworking community in Cowcaddens, Glasgow. One of the best connected locations in the city!

We’re Suzanne and Iain, and we’d like to share a little about our story…

We enjoy being around people. We enjoy hearing about other people’s lives and stories, learning quietly from them, and encouraging where we can.

We’re passionate about the way spaces can be used by and for communities. Iain’s work as an urban planner takes him around Scotland and beyond, where he works alongside people to shape their space in a way that benefits their local community.

We’re also interested in business. Specifically, how a business can positively impact the people working in it, the people that are served by it, and the community around it.

We spent a few years working and studying in Vancouver, where we began to think about how these things joined up – community, space, business. When we returned to Glasgow (6 years ago now!), we saw the city as a great hub of creativity and social good and a place that offered an intriguing opportunity to challenge how business can be done to make Scotland a better place.

The beautiful collision of all these threads brings us to Reorient. A bright, fresh space in the heart of Glasgow for a new working community.

Our vision for this new work community is for it to be a place where we encourage each other, where we’re never too busy to listen and to challenge the status quo. We want to do good and for good to be done.

Yeah, we’re businesses, we understand the value of the pound and the penny, but we also understand that we need community. We take care of ourselves and each other, we take care of the people we serve, we take care of the community outside our door and we take care of the planet we walk on.

We’re setting out on this journey, we are learning and we want to do it with other people – people like you.