We’ve had a great time getting Reorient to this point. But it’s been busy! The kind of busy that although great for a short time, isn’t really healthy. So now that we’re open it’s time to think about what rhythm looks like.


What’s the rhythm of Reorient going to be? How will that rhythm facilitate a community? How will a communal rhythm help us all working here with our work and personal rhythms?


Rhythm is about more than having a fixed schedule, it’s about finding a way of getting it done while allowing for creativity and dealing with all those little speed bumps we meet along the way.


“If you…find it hard to accept…a standard routine, maybe it’s time to stop thinking about managing your time as developing a set of strict rules to follow, and start thinking about increasing productivity as a process of finding and cultivating your unique creative rhythm – your life cadence, your beat.”


  • Elizabeth Grace Saunders, HBR


We’ve not figured this out – but it has been interesting to start thinking about this. Creating an intentional rhythm at least sounds like it could be healthy. So long as that rhythm is all about positive ways of being and doing, and not just formalising habits that are simply helping us get by.


This piece in the Harvard Business Review has been helpful in getting us started thinking about rhythm. It’s focussed on individual rhythm, but a good start point for creating a communal rhythm is understanding how individuals might shape their own:



There’s a short version too – just in case that better suits your rhythm!



What individual rhythm do you have? Or would like to have? In these early days we’re excited to work together with the Reorient community to build this communal rhythm. Hit us with your ideas on what kind of regular events or patterns you’d like to see: desks@reorient.works